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by Megan Bayliss | September 29, 2016 10:59 am

Words can hurt or harm. Use yours to make the world a better place.
Words can hurt or harm. Use yours to make the world a better place.

Put your fingers to the keyboard, baby. If you are a member[1] of The Junk Weavers Inc then we want to share your environmental writing, recycled craft projects, environmental advocacy, thoughts on saving our planet from plastic, or whatever your burning environmental issue is, with our readership.

To become a famous blogger and crafty person of influence, contact Megan Bayliss[2] to tell her what you would like to write about, how often you are interested (once a week, once a month, now and then) and whether you are tech savvy (so you can load the blog yourself, or does Megan need to do that for you) and whether can supply your own photography (if you can't, Megan will chose a pic that best matches the content of your blog post).

If you have your own site you will of course get back links to your site (but we don't want a copy of an existing post - Google doesn't like copycat behaviour).

If you are interested in being a regular writer but are not yet a member, getting membership is very easy. Check membership information out here[3].

Megan is also interviewing some environmental stewards to give you an insight to what and why they do what they do for the environment or craft world. Those posts will include back links and a plug for our readers to check the site out. If you know someone who you think will make for an interesting interview with The Junk Weaver Inc, pop Megan an email and let her know contact details of your nominee.

So, hands up: who wants to write blog posts for The Junk Weavers Inc and who wants to be interviewed?

  1. a member: http://thejunkwave.com/membership-information-pack-dotx/
  2. contact Megan Bayliss: http://thejunkwave.com/contact/
  3. here: http://thejunkwave.com/membership-information-pack-dotx/
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