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by Megan Bayliss | July 15, 2014 11:37 am

Testimony Nicole Porter quoteYou cannot have a testimony without a test ~ Nicole Porter. How true. We love to know "What's good about it" (personal recommendations)  from friends because we know the trials and tribulations they have been through and how certain products helped end their particular trial...especially around saving money and becoming financially successful.

The market is full of products promising to make you rich and famous. But, I want to tell you about my market place - my empty financial account that started filling up when I stopped listening to myself and instead followed a tried and tested way to saving and making money.

Financial Fitness Book[1]I was broke, both in thinking and in my bank account. I had searched for a "formula" for wealth creation for years. I tried to change my thinking to think like a 'rich" person, but I failed again and again.

I was struggling. I had a good profession and I had good bills.......MANY good bills. I just could not get past living pay to pay. Saving was non-existent because I needed my every dollar to survive.

I knew above all else that I did not want my dread: I did not want to be old and poor.

At 50, I had nothing to lose. I took a chance and I spent a precious $100.00 on yet another "how to get rich" product. Oh God, I hoped it worked. That was my last test because I really couldn't afford the $100.00.

It smashed. It rocked. It saved me and turned me from a try hard wannabe to a true follower of a financial system!

In three months I SAVED more than I had during my entire adult life. I simply followed the 47 principles of Financial Fitness, and it worked.

Imagine my delight when I easily replaced the broken washing machine with the money accumulated in the emergency account (never had I had such an account let alone having a set amount always in there!). Imagine my pride when I opened an Interest Bearing Deposit account with my savings from paying myself 10% from everything I earned. Imagine my tears of gratefulness when my Subaru broke down and I had the money there to fix it.

My final test after years of constant struggle was whether to buy the product or not AND whether to follow the system or not. I took the test and now I have a positive, secure and grateful testimony to give.

Financial Fitness Book  square 250[2]Written and presented in a very easy to understand and follow way, I thoroughly believe in the Financial Fitness Pack[3] and have no difficulty in suggesting it to you too.

To keep your thinking on the right track, follow it up with one Financial Fitness CD a month. The CD's give conversational reminders of the 47 principles of wealth creation: the offence, defence and playing field of personal finance.

I wish someone had given me this information years ago. My wish for you is that you do what you know works and not continue trying to figure it out for yourself. My thinking was broke, no wonder my bank account was too.  I am grateful that I finally was humble enough to listen to someone else and to do what they recommended.

You cannot have a testimony without a test ~ Nicole Porter. Create your own testimony after you buy and fall in love with the Financial Fitness Pack[3].

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