What is Leadership and who is it for?

by Megan Bayliss | June 6, 2014 6:48 pm

Leadership: it’s for people like you and I.
Managers do things right. Leaders do the right thing.
is not about the degrees or positions you have. Leadership is about leading by example and serving those who follow. LIFE Leadership is a community based education program that helps everyday citizens to learn, to build and to lead. Everyday citizens like YOU and me! Everyday people like those of us who whine about wanting difference but never trying something new. It is time to do it differently. Let’s help each other through a guided reading and leadership training program.

It is time to lead, not manage, but to lead.Launching a leadership revolution[1]

Many are called to lead but few will be ready. Step up now and take a study at home monthly course in leadership[2] for just $50.00 (plus GST/shipping) a month.

Do you seek a more personal leadership training package? Get paid to read, listen and associate. Become a professional business owner and access our world-class leadership system. If you live in Australia or New Zealand ask me how to become a LIFE Leadership leader and life coach[3]. Very low fee and low monthly subscriptions with full on-line support. No earlier education required but we do want people who are looking for difference, and who are teachable, honest and ambitious.

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