What does a good neighbour look like?

by Megan Bayliss | September 24, 2016 9:39 am

Queenslander house iStocklWe love where we live and we love our neighbours. But, to us that means we rarely see them (easy for us because we both work away a lot) but would still help them out if required...and I know they would do the same for us.

Being a good neighbour is as varied as the cakes in an Acland St Cake shop[1]. Thank goodness everybody has different tastes, size and frequency preferences or the cake shops would go bust. Can you imagine living next door to a cake that you just can't tolerate?

I've just popped a Paleo Banana Bread in the oven and I would love to sing out to my two favourite neighbours to come share some with me, but, one lives in Hobart, one is in Brisbane and I am in Cairns 🙁 Are they my neighbours or just great friends? 

I guess the neighbours question depends on YOUR definition of what a neighbour is and how you treat your neighbours.

What is your definition of a good neighbour? I'm doing some research for an upcoming talk and would love your answers to the following neighbour questions, plus any glowing or horror neighbour stories you want to share.

Neighbour research questions:

  1. What does being a good neighbour mean to you?
  2. Do you already do those "good neighbour" things?
  3. Do you do them on your next door neighbour or someone wider afield?

Pop your answers into the comments field below, and keep talking garbage because it cleans up the world. Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS: I burnt the banana cake so I guess that makes me a hopeless neighbour 🙁 Sorry Bec and Claire.

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