Weaving Tour: Hobart and Ipswich

by Megan Bayliss | October 27, 2016 7:05 am

smoking-volcano-with-megan-janet-and-stephyI am about to fly off to cold-land. Seriously. Have you seen the snow on Mt Wellington, Hobart? It's spring but Hobart doesn't know it yet.

The last mountain I work-shopped at was smoking (and The Junk Weavers Inc has a no smoking policy)! True God: Just six weeks ago, I taught weaving in Kokopo, (Rabaul) PNG, under the shadow of this smoking volcano - Mt Tavurvur (pictured above)!

I have three weaving workshops in Hobart followed by a weaving workshop in Ipswich on my way home. Are you joining us? I still have a few spots available in each place so please contact me asap if you want to come along (pay cash and fill in your membership form on the day...but I need to know you are coming).

My suitcase weight may be displeasing to the airlines so I am not yet sure if my laptop is coming with me. You'd think all the garbage I cart around would weigh little, but alas, that is not the case (...the case - that's funny).

No laptop means reduced communication for me. I find it too hard to answer emails on my phone. I can manage a simple, "Yes/No," but an extended answer with correct punctuation, paragraphs and meaningful communication is beyond my long fingernail / fat finger capability on my mobile.

So. I'm old. 😉 As for turning my phone on its side and using my thumbs: hahahahahahahahahahahaha. No!

If you really need me; ring me. Or, let me know you're okay with a yes/no email response.

snapchat-screenshotYou can also reach me on our facebook page[1]. You know I'm FINALLY on snapchat too (just in time to be snap frozen in Tasmania - make sure you watch my story on that!)

I'll be back in Cairns on November 7th, 2016.

Until then, keep talking garbage. I intend to 🙂 Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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