Watch my TEDx Talk today and start an upcycling people revolution immediately

by Megan Bayliss | March 15, 2017 4:19 pm

Megan Bayliss Upcycling People TEDx Ipswich talk www.thejunkwave.comHere’s a tip: When you are trying to wear the pants, you should actually wear them! You know the highly embarrassing story about me getting caught on the TEDx stage with my pants down[1], right?

I knew I wanted to talk about upcycling people as a way to improve a business bottom line but I never meant for it to be my “bottom line” that got attention!

Oh man, lucky I have a sense of humour and am not prone to dying from my mishaps. Immediately after my TEDx talk, hand across my mouth to stifle my snorts, I laughed and laughed, against the inside closed public toilet door (which shook like crazy because I was shaking with laughter), when I realised I had just taken the international stage with my panties down. I am so glad there was no-one in the ladies toilets because they may have wondered what was going on in that rocking toilet cubicle!!!!!!!

A serious topic about the bottom line of changing people’s purpose, starting a revolution and upcycling those just thrown away on a metaphorical garbage dump, when you watch the video you can see the line where my pants are down but thankfully nothing but my three-step “Upcycling People” model was exposed.



So cherubs, work on your own bottom line and practice my simple, three-step, model of upcycling people:

  1. An act of kindness
  2. Teach (or refer to) a new skill, and
  3. Provide a positive new relabel.

The bottom line is that upcycling people improves the bottom line.

In the mean time, keep talking garbage. Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. the highly embarrassing story about me getting caught on the TEDx stage with my pants down:
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