Vote for The Junk Wave in Ausmumpreneur Awards

by Megan Bayliss | June 21, 2012 1:12 pm

Voting has opened for the people's choice categories in the Australian and New Zealand Ausmumpreneur Awards at Connect2Mums[1]. I am nominated for Emerging Ausmumpreneur of the year AND Favourite Eco Friendly Business.

[2] [3]

Vote for The Junk Wave in the Favourite Eco Friendly Award category. Voting is open until July but why wait? Vote now so you don't forget. Within the many entrants in the Eco Friendly category, you will know which one is The Junk Wave by looking for my personal picture, below.


Voting is as easy as looking after your environment:


1. Join[5]

2. Click on the Category Album (Favourite Ecofriendly Business) you wish to vote for here:[6]

3. Click on the business that you are voting for.

4. Click the LIKE button below the Business image and description

And you’re done!

You may also like to:

Click the facebook button and tell your friends you voted!

Click the twitter button and tweet that you have voted!

What are you waiting for? GO VOTE (judging for the eco-friendly award is simply by number of votes - judging for Emerging Mumpreneur is by panel).

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