Upcycle your Down Cycle

by Megan Bayliss | August 21, 2016 7:00 pm

Bad evil men pointing at stressed woman sitting in a boxHave you ever felt down in the dumps? Rejected? Overlooked? Ignored?

Sucks, doesn't it? It hurts so deeply that it affects every thought and thing we do until we can kick those useless freeloading thoughts and feelings out of our head and heart.

But, what if you couldn't kick them out? What if there was no way out for you? What if you didn't even know there was an option for you?

Enter right stage, somebody else who can do you a random act of kindness, teach you a new skill or give you a relabel that doesn't include a negative title like "useless," "dumb," "hopeless," or "unloveable."

That would be called, upcycling: Somebody else helps to change your purpose simply by doing something nice for you.

Watch this short video to find out what upcycling people is about and how purposes become changed.

The world IS full of some really cool people: people who give a damn; people that do care and will help. But, their caring often doesn't get noticed because it is not part of a co-ordinated network that strives to upcycle people.

I advocate we form a society that does three things to upcycle people who are down in the dumps:

  1. We enact Random Acts of Kindness upon the affected person,
  2. We teach them a new skill of some description, and
  3. We positively relabel the affected person so they begin to hear a different story about themselves.

Sounds great, BUT...people are BUSY. Most of us have only a few seconds to do something outside of our daily routine...let alone do three things to help someone else.

Instead, what if we all used our talent, time or money to do just one of the about three things...and we did them all the time...even if we are down in the dumps ourselves or in a down cycle (you know that research supports that when you give to others hormones and brain chemicals change and lift our mood - watch the above video).

Even better, what if you coordinated with another two friends who can offer the other two things that you can't?

Bam: all of a sudden your trio offers somebody the formula for upcycling them and changing their purpose.

Go find another two friends right now. Not a triage, but a trio to fill a team vacancy of:

  1. A Random Act of Kindness (RAK) person
  2. Teach a skill person, and a
  3. a person who is good with words and can positively relabel.

I'm definitely a person 1 and 2 type...and I'm pretty good at being a person 3 type. Which "upcycling people" framework type are you most like?

Imagine if we got together and worked on a chosen person, or for a club/charity/group, or even just within our community at any time without a targeted approach. If there are 10 people in the community doing type 1 activities (RAK), and another unknown 10 people doing type 2 activities, while another 10 unknowns are doing type 3 activities, surely someone, somewhere is going to benefit from receiving all three types to upcycle them.

I'm looking forward to living in the nicer world we create.

Keep talking garbage.


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