Tutorial: How to make a stubby cooler with a flat base

by Megan Bayliss | October 22, 2016 5:26 pm

Wine cooler carry bag. [1]
Wine cooler carry bag.

Everybody wants to weave their own waste kitchen plastics because it is an active and positive way to save our environment...without having to do anything too different.

Damn - when you can save the environment in your pyjamas without even leaving your home it is even better. BONUS. LOVE my mental health days where I get to stay ALL DAY in my PJs.

Enter our members only video tutorials. Once you are a member of The Junk Weavers Inc[2], you can access all the weaving tutorials you want: while in your pyjamas....or even naked if that's what you do in your home.

We avail video tuts like this one below: How to weave a stubby cooler with a flat base (make it out of chip or coffee bean packets for best insulation).

Marjorie's stubby cooler
Marjorie's stubby cooler.

Because we LOVE our membership, they get some value adds that the general public do not - instructional videos / tutorials /how-to's on different aspects of constructing a woven single-use bag. Needed things like "How to sew a zip into a woven bag" so your money doesn't fallout.

Our private members only group is on facebook. Apart from the video tutorials, members share photos of their projects, talk about ebay deals on dental floss and zips, market stall ideas, pricing and generally act as a supportive and goal oriented community.

BEST BEST BEST bit is that no matter where you are, if you can login to facebook, you can learn how to weave single use plastic as YOUR own little kitchen revolution to keep your households plastic packaging out of landfill and ocean.


Become a member of The Junk Weavers Inc now[4]. See you on the inside, and, don't forget to keep talking garbage. Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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