The Junk Wave verses licensing or membership

by Megan Bayliss | August 8, 2012 2:43 pm

Our legal advice was against licensing because what we put forward was too similar to a franchise. Right from the word go our solicitor advised franchising but that is not how I want to head. I revel in making the micro macro and empowering people at home to make a HUGE difference through our collective efforts.

I also celebrate difference and empowerment and I don't want every The Junk Wave business doing things exactly as I do them......there could be better ways! Franchising locks into a turn-key system where I just want to pull the plug on waste while keeping our oceans free of litter and waste out of landfill!

So, Jade and I[1] have been locked in discussions since the last legal advice and we have opted to raise a membership and consultant system. It is still possible to run your own recycled craft business and get support and a blog from The Junk Wave. This will be the top-tier of membership and is set at $2,200.00 (half of what the licensed fee was to be). The geographical boundaries are also now lifted meaning that anybody can buy The Junk Wave blog, get my help and do what ever they want as long as it is recycled craft oriented.

Other levels of membership (still to be finalised and put on the web site) will involve a yearly fee, a monthly fee and no fee (newsletter subscribers who get special deals and free recycled craft sheets).

Separate to the membership base is invited consulting partnerships (like these two in Sydney and Melbourne[2]). We may target areas and people we know have specific skills and values that we like.

The business that crowd funded international licensing[3] have not wasted their money. It was very much appreciated and paid the solicitor to thoroughly investigate the legalities of our international proposal under a licensing agreement. The membership process has instead widened our scope (we can go global without any IP restrictions) and developed into a more equitable slice of the recycled craft market for all interested parties.

Stay tuned for the membership tiers and information.

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