Switch Off at 8.30pm Tonight to Join the Future

by Megan Bayliss | March 25, 2017 8:13 am

The Junk Wave celebrates Earth Hour www.thejunkwave.com Megan BaylissI am in shock. Many people told me they don’t know it’s Earth Hour tonight. Does that mean people also don’t know it is the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour.

What else don’t they know about Earth Hour? Did you know that:

What started as an Aussie grassroots movement has grown into the world’s biggest movement for climate change.[1]

Our home has celebrated Earth Hour since Earth Hour’s second year. During those years, at the nominated 8.30pm time slot on a particular day[2], we have celebrated a special wedding anniversary, a tsunami warning, must attend business functions and seen the movement taken over by World Wildlife Fund[3].

Try as I might to always adhere to the global hour, I find a way around the necessity to sometimes having the lights on during the nominated Earth Hour – I pick another hour and make sure our respect for the environment shines through the darkness. I also over extend the hour AND switch the electricity off at the wall.

We love the environment, recognise climate change and want to #jointhefuture.

Join me in celebrating Earth Hour for her 10th anniversary. Switch off at 8.30pm tonight to join the future. Yep, turn up the dark and get loud about climate action.



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