Save plastic bags today and make money from them.

by Megan Bayliss | March 14, 2017 9:06 am

Plastic bags are banned in QLD from July 1 2018. Megan Bayliss. www.thejunkwave.comIs your bottom drawer like mine: your plastic bags mate and breed? Or, have they all left home; right when you want to recycle one?

If you’ve got them, SAVE them. They are about to become valuable.

If they’ve left home already and are lazing about on the street, the beach or up a tree, GO GET THEM. They are CASH, baby.

Queensland is banning the bag from July 1, 2018[1]. A nightmare to our natural environment, it is high-time this happened.

Did you know there are approximately 18000 separate pieces of plastic per square kilometer of ocean? Plastic in ocean becomes more toxic than on land and acts as a magnet drawing other marine toxins to it. Disgusting!

It is estimated that 900 million single-use plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland each year.
From, Reducing Plastic Pollution[2].

STOP. STOP. Too much negativity and I feel overwhelmed and wonder if there is any point me doing anything?????

Megan Bayliss, The Junk Wave, helps crafters make cash.But, what if we flip this negativity and turn the plastic bags into cash instead of toxic waste?

Once banned, future generations may wonder why we used so much single use plastic…and what those bags actually looked like or how they could have been upcycled.

Woohhoo….enter stage right, The Junk Weavers Inc and our love of upcycing[3] (people and plastics).

I’ll be ready to show them my plastic bags, all crocheted or knitted up into beautiful saleable items: dilly bags, mats, hats, teddies, etc.

Plastic bag yarn is plarn. Megan Bayliss






Crochet plarn into any pattern. Megan Bayliss.

I sell my plastic bag yarn (plarn) goodies for decent cash. Better yet, I’m tipping that a shortage and ban of the single use devils will make them more interesting and valuable.

Collectors tell me that collections are not only from things that were once highly valuable but also from things that were so common that they all got disposed of.

How cool is that? Really, WHO is going to think of collecting single use plastic bags; noxious items that they are!

So, jump in and go collect all those errant single use plastic bags that have gone floating off on holidays somewhere: to the beach, to the river, to the garden, taken up residence in a tree house. Wherever they’ve gone, GET THEM. Collect them. Use them for recycled craft.

If you want to turn your plastic bags into cash, instead of trash, come yarn with me at a plarn workshop in Cairns (date to be advised), or, check out this photographic tutorial to immediately make plarn.[4]

Keep talking garbage, my cherubs. There’s nothing like a bit of trash talk to clean our world up 😉


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