Ride Your Elephant Webinar with Megan Bayliss of The Junk Wave

Visualise your dream into existence

What You Will Learn On The Webinar...
  • What Elephants (and ants) have to do with making your dream come true.
  • The difference between a day dream and powerful visualisation.
  • Why visualisation works.
  • Who uses it to make their business and personal life rock.
  • How to visualise what YOU want (and still have room for an elephant in your visualisation).
  • The top six tips to turbo charge your success.

Numbers are limited to 100 people world wide. You need an internet speed that plays video. This one-off 30 minute webinar is LIVE with the recorded repeat available for just 24 hours. Sorry, but, live participant questions are not available during the recorded repeat. 


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Ride your Elephant to 
kick start your dream into existence

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you motivated to get what you want by using what you already have?
  2. Are you ready to try something all the winners do?
  3. Are you willing to day dream as a daily task?
  4. Could you feed an Elephant?

If you are ready to kick start your purpose into existence, then,


Sunday The 14th
At 10:30 AM

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