Reverse Mental Decline: Read, Listen, Associate

by Megan Bayliss | May 6, 2014 6:40 am

Read and discuss what you read as a method to prevent mental decline, boredom and isolation.[1]

Read and discuss what you read as a method to prevent mental decline, boredom and isolation.

Do you ever fear you are losing your marbles? If you are anything like me, the answer is yes! How many times I have put the tea-pot in the fridge or my car keys in the cupboard I just cannot count!!!

But, it only happens when my mind closes in on itself – when I am stressed and thinking about my problems or if I am so dizzy because I am not thinking about anything!

I am glad to report that I never do those mindless things any more. As an antidote against mental decline, I fill my mind with good stuff: positive and thought provoking words read in good books or from educational audio programs.

I have always been a busy and social person but career circumstances saw me a tad isolated…..and I felt the mental decline begin.

Lucky for me I am self-motivated and intelligent enough to do something about it. I stretched myself to read outside my comfort level and took on a leadership subscription: one book and four CDs a month. Each month the topic and author is different but the theme is always around leadership. The quality is excellent and the content thought provoking…..and from there, my mental decline turned into a home based business in selling subscription packages in leadership and personal development.

Reverse your mental decline. Read in an area that has been quality controlled and selected for its potency and life meaning.

Try a monthly subscription in any of these areas (prices range from $10.0 to $50.00 a month):

Leadership[2]work from home house[3]

Personal Development[4]

Personal Development Radio Station[5]

For the young at heart[6] (teaches young people how to think and improve their life)

Faith [7](dedicated to help you grow spiritually)

Freedom[8] (civic responsibilities, history and what to do now)

Financial Fitness package[9] (one-off and not a monthly subscription)

Financial Fitness[10] (1 CD a month that builds on the above package)

Mental Fitness Challenge[11] (a 90 day computer based program where you get a challenge a day delivered via email).

If you want to make new friends or associate with positive people, consider our monthly seminar or Tuesday evening meetings. Best of all, if you like what you read and listen to, you can make a business out of leadership and personal development training – no previous skills or knowledge are needed and we work as a team and not greedy and individual competitors. Who knows, you may just find a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. Click on the images above to find out a bit more about that and then contact me for further help[12].

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