Recycling old love for an old house

by Megan Bayliss | April 21, 2012 8:27 pm

[1]When I was a kid and lived in Sydney I used to occasionally walk home past a house that I longed for Dad to buy. How I fantasised that I played in the garden and took the time off the sandstone sun-dial. The house was old albeit lovingly restored, haunted by a friendly woman ghost probably, and beckoned to me to live in it.

Love recycled: Fast forward 35 years and I still LOVE the house. I revisited her on a recent trip to Sydney and I have set her on my vision board. The ghost still beckons but the sundial is gone and the block subdivided with another house built in the ample grounds.

Thirty seven Middle Head Road, Mosman. I love you and you represent the best of recycling to me. Thank you for waiting for me. You look as though your current family treats you well.

Do you ever recycle your childhood loves? What started in childhood that has become a vision and mainstay for you as an adult?

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