Recycled Craft Swap

by Megan Bayliss | November 10, 2013 9:11 am

Aluminium AngelsEnvironmental fitness is about being envirosmart. Envirosmart is about making good decisions for the environment: social, physical and financial. My environment includes sharing as a core principle of life, and that is what we are about to do:  share some recycled crafts through an online global swap party during National Recycling Week in Australia.

My favourite quote is by Orrin Woodward[1] from LIFE Leadership [2](I am a member of LIFE Leadership): "Never leave the scene of a decision without taking action toward that decision." My next favourite is from Bill Lewis[3], also from LIFE Leadership[4]: If you can't disciple yourself, somebody else will."

Angel 1I usually do okay with the self-discipline but there is always room for improvement (actually, my bank account tells me there is MUCH room for increased saving discipline). I struggle with decision actions though.

I always make great decisions and then don't follow them through. I am the one who sits there and thinks, when someone else is sharing their success, "But I had that idea 5 years ago." So what! If I thought it and didn't do it, it's my fault for never following through.

So, this morning I was contacted by Helen Edwards from Recycled Interiors [5]and asked to do an interview with her. Of course I responded in the positive but I first did a bit of research to make sure she wasn't just a "green wash" person who actually kills the environment in her private life (congruency and integrity glow in the dark too). She's cool (and we were both social workers in our earlier work lives), go like and follow her on all her social media outlets[6].

001Checking her blog and facebook page, I discovered her posts about swap parties for National Recycling Week[7]. Brilliant initiative....and then I got to thinking about the global nature of The Junk Wave and all the wonderful recycled crafters I have contact with (I love these people; have I ever mentioned that?). They are not just recycled crafters - they are environmental fitness leaders - people who put their money where their mouth is - people who glow in the dark with their congruency and integrity.

For once I did not leave the scene of a decision without taking some action toward it. I immediately put the feelers out onto facebook[8] and am working out the disciplined logistics of how to have a global internet recycled craft swap party - NEXT WEEK.

Milk bottle packaging completeSo, this is an invitation to you, my recycled craft friend. Are you disciplined enough to join us in an online recycled craft swap on Sunday 17th November, 2013. You will have recycled crafts to swap with other recycled crafters; you will raise a public facebook photo album of those crafts and put a dollar value on those crafts (example, I'll swap my angels pictured, $12.00 packed in milk bottle packaging); others can make offers to swap their dollar valued crafts and adjust with cash if required. The cost of postage is the disciplined price for participating in the swap (don't go crazy with recycled crafts that will cost a fortune to post). You would be spending fuel money going to the shop to buy Christmas gifts so this is a trade-off.

Contact me via The Junk Wave's facebook page if you want to swap along.

My recycling world rocks. How about yours?

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