Recycled Craft (Bags from woven food wrappers) Master Class in Sydney

by Megan Bayliss | July 23, 2012 3:14 pm

[1]Women in Sydney: Design and make the next Louis Vuitton Urban Handbag and celebrate saving the environment at the same time.

Discover the art of bag making.....from the food wrappers you normally throw into the bin. Start the trend with your girlfriends: make stylish bags that look tres chic AND make you an environmental star because you are emptying your rubbish bins from plastics destined for landfill.


Workshop in Narrabeen on Monday 10th September: Bag workshop flyer Narrabeen[3]

Eventbrite - Weave a handbag from food packaging[4]

Master Class in Mosman on Tuesday 11th September: Mosman Master Class Flyer[5]

Eventbrite - Master Class: Sustainable Bags of Mosman[6]

Both the workshop and the Master Class are suitable for children 10+ accompanied by an adult (although the Master Class is limited to two children under the age of 15). This is an excellent intentional teaching about the environment session for home-schoolers and parents who recognise that education also occurs outside of a class-room. Master Class teacher, Megan Bayliss, was a child therapist and has a suitability card for working with children.

Book in (and pay) with a friend or two and each of you will get $10.00 off the cost of the recycled craft tuition.

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