Positions Vacant at The Junk Weavers Inc.

by Megan Bayliss | September 28, 2016 6:00 pm

Can you loan your influence to The Junk Weavers Inc.?
Can you loan your influence to The Junk Weavers Inc.?

Work with The Junk Weavers Inc. in an environmental field to influence direction, extend your knowledge, gain experience, credibility and help empower recycled crafters to own their professional and unique environmental contributions.

The Junk Weavers Inc. is expanding; Not our waist lines (although, that is debatable - our secretary is a FANTASTIC cook!) but our side lines. We would LOVE to talk with you and welcome you into our "like-family" recycled craft tribe[1].

We need some new positions on our Management Committee. We need, a

Our current committee consists of President (founder Megan Bayliss), treasurer (the Countess Fibonacci Tanya McIntyre) and Secretary (Polly O'Leary). We are all renominating at our Annual General Meeting (AGM ) but we look forward to doubling our committee size and working with some exciting new people with wonderful new ideas: YOU.

To nominate yourself for one of these positions you must be a member of The Junk Weavers Inc., live in Queensland (we do Skype meetings so you don't have to be in Cairns where we are based) and be willing to use your skills and management position to grow The Junk Weavers[2] Inc. for the benefit of our Australia wide membership. Nominations will go to a vote at our AGM (date yet to be set).

Find our Not for Profit set-up and membership details here in our Information Pack[3]. Our rules (including how to nominate and how voting occurs) are here[4]. A FAQ is, do management committee members get paid? Best read the rules for that answer 😉 Try paragraph 18 (5).

Contact Megan Bayliss[5] for more information, or, go ahead and ask questions of our membership / facebook tribe[6] to check us out further. Introduce yourself on our facebook page[7] and let us all know what your speciality areas are and what role you are interested in nominating for.

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