No more junk

by Megan Bayliss | December 16, 2013 4:59 am

collectforusNo more recycled craft material required, thanks. No more drop offs to my car port please. No more bags of plastic food wrappers or collections of treasure required. As I write this I feel a sob rise in my chest......all my beloved bounty 🙁 How boring it will be to enter my car port now. But, to keep my darling husband happy, I have reached a compromise....until I have a warehouse in the back yard, I will stop collecting waste at the rate our households produce it.

You know how you just HATE to throw things out? I hate you to throw them out to! Until now I have been happy to take your waste for recycled craft, but, Mr Paul has finally complained about his room to move about the place without being affronted by the amount of waste created by other houses. Add to that....I just cannot craft quick enough to use it all!

I am simply out of room. I cannot store any more waste material. THANK YOU for collecting and supporting recycled craft. THANK YOU for encouraging the women weavers at Mooroobool and Yarrabah. THANK YOU for keeping your waste out of landfill and ocean.

As I need more material I will place a call-out on facebook[1] and The Junk Wave's blog[2]. In the mean time, if you need some craft material, I may be able to help you - what are you looking for that I can give to you?


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