Milk bottle plastic challenge: Christmas decorations

by Megan Bayliss | November 6, 2011 7:36 am

Jess' recycled Reindeer made from plastic milk bottle

The three of us Junk Wavers (Jess Grinter - 4th year social work student who's ready for a job, Shannon O'Reilly - youth work student, and moi - Megan Bayliss) were together in my studio surrounded by post-consumer waste. Jess and I had prepared bowls and bags from recycled materials when somebody had the crazy idea of making a challenge: to make a Christmas decoration out of milk bottle plastic.

There were rules (my students are so mean to me!): the recycled item had to be completed within 1 hour (a quick craft is a good craft) and everything on the finished product must be a recycled material (as if I would use something that wasn't!).

The finished recycled milk bottle plastic items are on facebook[2]. Go vote for your favourite. Make sure you like The Junk Wave on facebook too for your chance to WIN a The Junk Wave hobby business chapter[3].

Special note for busy parents and educators: The five featured recycled milk bottle plastic items are activities that kids can quickly make without much fuss or any special tools (a glue gun and scissors are always handy though!)

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