Life by power point

by Megan Bayliss | October 14, 2014 8:44 am

Dollar Photo Club I attended Andrew Griffith's[1] Professional Speaker's Boot-Camp. It was a learning field of gems for me.....and I just keep digging up more gems based on the information provided.

One of the gems Andrew offered was creating slides that sizzle: using big picture backgrounds where the picture tells the message with very few words as a prompt. LOVE that idea and it is an immediate change I welcome to my presentations.

Dollar Photo Club (click on the pic to get there) sells high quality photos and vectors for just $1.00 each. There are no different prices for different sizes; just $1.00 a photo for BIG and handsome graphics designed to display your metaphor.

I am not a lover of Powerpoint because it is essentially done to death and used incorrectly. I figure that if my participants are like me they cringe when they see a power point set up. Being a considerate trainer I of course care about the comfort and enjoyment levels of my audience so I steer away from death by powerpoint........until Dollar Photo Club and Slides That Rock[2] entered my world and created life by power point.

Man....I am a convert. I sincerely hope that I can convert you to a little gem hunting too. This is what you may like to do as you prepare for straining the gem fields:

  1. Get yourself along to one of Andrew Griffiths workshops[3].
  2. Get your images from the delicious-to-search Dollar Photo Club (click on the pic above or below to get there) and make your chosen metaphor the entire background of your slides. If a picture paints a thousand words - use pictures and give life to your slides again.

Dollar Photo Club

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