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by Megan Bayliss | January 3, 2014 6:34 am

changed who you used to beThere are days when frustration and fear for our environmental future are so strong that I could just weep. I look at Australian leaders in politics and wonder why they cannot put the environment ahead of greed and party loyalty. Then I am reminded of Orrin Woodwards, Five Laws of Decline[1], particularly, Gresham's Law[2] that mandates that bad behaviour drives out good behaviour. This has GOT to stop!

Orrin Woodward is one of the founders of LIFE Leadership  a new breed of conscious capitalists; social entrepreneurs who want to become self-sufficient in assisting their communities. Orrin Woodward stepped up and designed a business model to help stop bad behaviour driving out good behaviour: at-home education to help ALL people, no matter their educational, political, social or religious background reach their full potential without selling their souls, ethics or personal interests.

The goal of LIFE Leadership[3] is to educate the world on life-changing principles that make a difference in a person’s life. This is terribly important to me. My professional background as a Social Worker taught me the importance of community development, of locating the pathology outside of the individual and working with the individual, and their community to fix that pathology. But, Social Work itself is political and based on social ideologies of conflict....without the overall teaching of entrepreneurial leadership and the responsibility of the individual to take back functions from the state.

LIFE Leadership serves clients by supplying them affordable and life changing material (CD's, books, downloads, programs and get togethers). LIFE Leadership serves people who want to join a global business network of others who care and want to change: people who want to have fun, make money and make a difference.

I seek people in Australia or New Zealand to join me in a LIFE leadership team business: people to work closely with so that we can become the very best that we can be and help protect our natural environment (the function of fitness - environmental fitness - is my developing leadership platform). This is not an easy feat. It means we have to dream of a better future, a better way and a better environment. It means we have to change who we are to become who we can be. It means we have to speak our truth, even if that makes our voice quake. It means we have to become exceptional by enacting ethics, transparency and care for others at all times. It means we follow a proven track of leadership training....and perhaps even work with some things that are alien to us. They are alien because our leadership training to date has lacked universal principles of leadership truth and rather has fallen victim to party policies and ideologies.

life-logo-newLIFE Leadership means we make a business out of personal development and leadership in one of eight core institutionalised functions: family, finance, fun, fitness, faith, freedom, following and/or friends.

LIFE Leadership means we have fun, make money and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Oh my gosh that turns me on.

How about you? Are you turned on by making a difference in your own life and the life of your community? Are you turned on by saving our environment?

As LIFE Leadership launches into Australia and New Zealand, I seek YOU to join me in a LIFE leadership business: contact me[4] today and let's work together on environmental fitness (my passion area) or which ever of the eight core functions speak to you the most: family, faith, finances, friends, following, freedom, fitness or fun (actually, fun is a big passion of mine too).

Check LIFE Leadership out on facebook: LIFE Leadership in Australia and New Zealand[5], and the mother page, LIFE Leadership[6].

Check LIFE Leadership out on the web: LIFE Leadership subscription products[7] for customers, or LIFE Leadership for people who want to make a business out of personal development and leadership[8] (and that is who I am looking to work with).

Megan Bayliss

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