Leadership Major Conference, Brisbane May 2014

by Megan Bayliss | May 5, 2014 7:00 am

Get YOUR body to Brisbane for a MAJOR Leadership conference. Change your self, your life and develop your leadership. If you are like me you really desire becoming the best Mum, Dad, friend, colleague, business owner, boss, activist, net-worker, etc, that YOU can be. This is where you learn it WITHOUT paying the higher education fees.


When: Fri 23rd May, 7pm to 10.30pm and Sat 24th May 10am - 11pm
Where: Brisbane International Virginia, 19 Zilmere Rd (corner Sandgate and Zilmere Roads), Boondal[1].
Why: Because Leadership is for people like you and I: Everyday citizens like YOU and me! Everyday people like those of us who whine about wanting difference but never try something new.
Investment: $125.00 p/p for the two days (share tickets available in some circumstances). For new members of LIFE Leadership, your ticket is discounted to $100.00
Accommodation: Brisbane International Virginia, 19 Zilmere Rd (corner Sandgate and Zilmere Roads), Boondal. There is a restaurant on site and a convenience store and take away cafes across the road.

Are you seeking a better life? Are you determined to learn and do whatever it takes to live life to the fullest? Come see how the LIFE Leadership business is making a difference through community and providing powerful resources for growth, development, increased knowledge and wisdom, inspiration, and motivation with its Leadership Conventions. It's amazing what a difference one weekend can make. Now is the time to take action to make your dreams reality and start Living the LIFE You've Always Wanted!

Join the Australian LIFE Leadership team in Brisbane for our major conference. Learn leadership skills, build a business in personal development and leadership training and learn how to hang out with successful and motivated people.

If you wonder why you would bother to travel to Brisbane to attend a major, watch the above video,  "Why Leadership Conventions."

Come and meet the Aussie teams (from all Australian states) AND help rebuild your community to care and reach out to those in need. Be a leader, step up and make a business leadership decision: to invest in a professional conference dedicated to changing lives.

Tickets are available from Megan Bayliss (Cairns), Margaret Anne Morris (Sunshine Coast), Thera LeFeuvre (Townsville) and Steve Jakubenko (Melbourne). Leave a comment here for one of us to get your ticket to you. Tickets are $125.00 p/p or $100.00 if you are a member of LIFE Leadership and this is your first conference.

  1. 19 Zilmere Rd (corner Sandgate and Zilmere Roads), Boondal: http://19%20Zillmere%20Road,%20Boondall,%20Queensland,%20Australia%204034
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