How to Povie in PNG

by Megan Bayliss | August 25, 2016 5:45 pm

Wear like a necklace and your camera records what you see.

My Povie has arrived: just in time for weaving college in PNG. I immediately tested it.  Verdict: LOVE.

A Povie[1] is a necklace (a hands free camera accessory) that holds your phone so you can make "how to" videos. It shows what you see when looking down. The purchase comes with a sticky backed steel disk to place on the back of your phone. A strong magnet on the Povie keeps phone in place while you film what your hands are doing.

BRILLIANT for making "how to" videos when there's no-one else to hold the camera for you.

This "how to" video is the test one. It is unedited. Imagine getting the "sew a zip into your woven/candy wrapper bag" video down to 90 seconds with editing.

Excited much, and, I have "how to" plans.

My friend and I are tomorrow flying off to PNG for three weeks to run some weaving workshops. I will capture some of the "action" weaving footage and make some weaving "how to's" in the evenings: Povie nights. When I get home I will edit happily away and share them with The Junk Weaver Inc membership and members of our newsletter.

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While I am away in PNG, keep talking garbage. Check into The Junk Weavers Inc.  facebook page[4] to keep up with the experiences Deni Tonkin and I weave into our volunteer service with Operation Food for Life[5].

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