How to Market your Craft Business

by Megan Bayliss | October 17, 2016 5:30 pm

craft-weave-in-publicMany artists gravitate toward a solo existence in their studio. Many crafters gravitate toward group activities with other crafters. I hear from both groups the same complaint: how do we market our craft without spending loads of money?

While a solo existence may suit an introverted artist it doesn't pay the bills if you can't get yourself before people to sell your art work. While craft groups are excellent support and a fun way to get help/learn new skills, you are hanging with the converted so you still have to market your goodies if you intend to sell them.

Just how do you market your art or craft without spending mobs of money, losing half in commission or having to do the dreaded sales pitch?

Here's my number 1 so-simple-you'll-think-I'm-stupid-marketing-tip:

Art or craft in public


Art or craft where others can see you and ask you questions about what you are doing. It raises your profile, puts you in front of potential buyers and will cost you next to nothing (maybe a cup of coffee or two if you are at a coffee shop).

At The Junk Weavers Inc, our business model includes crafting in coffee shops and other high traffic areas. We ALWAYS have people come and ask what we are doing/making. They engage with us, sometimes commission us, buy from us then and there and almost always like our facebook page[1]. We also pick up members that way - people who want to learn to weave.

Our mother's used to craft publicly: in the pub, at the shopping centre, in the Doctor's office. In recent years, knitting circles in all manner of creative spots have re-sprung (love the idea of knitting down the pub).

Craftivism[2] and Guerilla Crafting[3] make public comments on social issues. The world is returning to the creative hands of artisans: loan the world a hand - your crafting hands, IN PUBLIC.

Join the revolution: Go public with your craft and watch your orders increase.

Whatever you do, keep talking garbage. Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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