How to make a treat filled recycled shredded paper Easter Egg

by Megan Bayliss | March 24, 2012 6:00 am

Have an Easter Egg hunt with a twist: the treats are inside a home-made and recycled shredded paper egg.

[1]What you need:

What you do:

Get excited because this project is fun: clandestine from the beginning to end with plenty of time to think about how you’ll set up your Easter Egg hunt.

Cut the top sections off the two soft drink bottles. Trim away the spout leaving a flat hole in the top of the neck piece



Paint the PVA glue onto a quarter section of the inside of one of the plastic tops


Sprinkle the painted section with shredded paper. The reason you use plastic is that when the glue dries, the shredded paper will peel away from the plastic as PVA glue does not stick to plastic.


Continue the glue and paper-sprinkle process for the remaining three-quarters of the plastic mold. Repeat the process with the second plastic mold.


Leave to dry (overnight or a few hours in warm climates). Carefully peel the paper away from the sides. It will be pliable and fragile so peel carefully. If it will not come away easily, it may still be wet and may need more time to dry.

[7] [8]


One at a time, carefully glue single strips of the shredded paper to partially fill in the tops of the eggs. These tops are where the children will crack their eggs (or more like, RIP their eggs) open to uncover their Easter treats. Therefore, the networking of shredded paper is thin and very lattice-like to look at. If you prefer to give only one opening end choice, make one end lattice like and the other end denser in networking to match the rest of the egg.

[10] [11] [12]

Leave to completely dry. While you are waiting, gather some treats to go inside your egg. I raided the cupboard to find a LCM bar, some lollies (candy to my US friends) and a packet of chicken chips. Alternatively, you may want to fill with smaller chocolate eggs or toys. The beauty of doing this yourself means that you customise the contents to suit your children.


When your fragile tops are dry, fill a half egg with your goodies. Bring both halves of the egg together to seal your goodies and seal the two halves together by painting random strips of shredded paper around the circumference of the egg. Keep in with the eclectic patterning of the egg by ensuring your circumference-paper-strip-seals go in every direction. You want your egg to look as though it was done as an all-in-one. Leave to dry before decorating.

[14] [15]


How interesting is it? Maybe it’s a dinosaur egg! I’d be keen to find that in an Easter Egg hunt. One shake and you KNOW there’s something cool inside.

To decorate the egg, I tied a recycled ribbon around it and placed it into a shredded paper basket[17] lined with blue plastic bag strips.[18] They won’t be wasted as I will reuse them and crochet them into beautiful plarn objects.

[19] [20]


Best of all, the cracked egg can be easily repaired with shredded paper and kept as an Easter decoration for next year.

What do you think? Will you make it?

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