How to appear real smart real quick.

by Megan Bayliss | June 24, 2014 10:15 am

Reading is nutritional[1]Impress your friends and colleagues by learning something new…….from a book.

Read and discuss what you read as a strategy for appearing smart.

Keep reading and before long you will be smart and have a lot to say!

Best selling leadership author, Orrin Woodward, said, “If you haven’t read a book since we last met you have nothing new to say.”

Ummmmmm…..reflect on that and feel uncomfortable.

Reading is such an undervalued educational tool. There is much to be learnt about relationships, places, history and emotions just from reading a novel. There is even more to be learnt in your discussions with other people about what you have read and discovered. That is why book clubs[2] are so popular.

Of course classic novels are said to offer the best teaching. The classics are books that stand the test of time – that can be enjoyed and loved despite time or culture.

If you want to start reading but are not sure where to start or how to choose, maybe the LIFE guided reading program[3] is a good start for you. It sends you a book and 4 teaching CDs a month. I subscribe to it and absolutely use the book of the month as conversation starters or I drop memorised passages of insight.

So, grab a book and read to appear real smart real quick. For you single blokes out there, reading is a chick magnet. Do it. Reading changes lives.


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