Grateful to friends and family

by Megan Bayliss | October 23, 2016 7:39 pm

planeI get to travel a lot as an eco social worker. Between The Junk Weavers Inc. and Operation Food for Life[1] I am always flying off somewhere.

I make it look so easy with all my happy airport snaps: what you don't see is all the planning, the juggling, the cheap fare changes (offloads!), the coordination and the sacrifices that are made not just by me but by my friends and family to enable my FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) eco-social-work-recycled-crafter-lifestyle. After a nightmare month of organisation, I just go...and teach people to weave single use plastic.

Our weaving tour down to Hobart and back to Ipswich could not happen without The Junk Weavers Inc. having strong membership and friends (and a brother) on the ground. I am so very grateful to them.

Bec (center): a surprise visit for her surprise birthday party. She thought everyone had forgotten her.
Bec (center): a surprise visit for her surprise birthday party. She thought everyone had forgotten her.

My darling Bec Williams in Hobart is an amazing woman: strong, intelligent, crafty, curious, capable, accommodating. Having her on the ground is a God-send. Apart from being a super star, Bec is one of by best girlfriends: a basket 1 girlfriend. I stay with her when I am in Hobart and she drives me everywhere. She is my PA and I LOVE her. A mother of two young children and a senior teenager, the sacrifices she makes to even get me into her busy life (let alone her home) are enormous. I seriously love that woman stars and moon.

On the way back from Hobart I am heading to Ipswich to run a masterclass for beginners. Ipswich is inland from Brisbane so I have to actually get there before any work-shopping is done. I prefer not to drive in places where I don't really know where I am going. It is so NOT cool to cause car accidents while I work out where the hell I am going!

Enter Brisbane based Claire Ashman[2], my friend and fellow TEDx speaker. She is picking me up from the Brisbane airport and either getting me to a train station or taking me to Ipswich. What makes this particularly remarkable is that Claire is a mum of eight children and she spent most of her life in a religious AND a doomsday cult (listen to her TEDxUQ about these two cults)[3]. Those cloistered years, and her exit due to asking too many questions, have molded an innocent, genuine and supportive adult who really understands the need for friends and social networks. If I can be a friend like her when I grow up I know I will be a good person.

In Ipswich I stay with my brother, David Bayliss. Also an artisan and an educator, we will discuss the weaving curricula for weaving College. I want to publish our curricula and David is the person to join forces with.

Ipswich would not have the amazing ongoing weaving colleges if not for a young Mum who several years ago did one of my masterclasses in Boonah. Kat Devantier has continued to weave and has become a mistress weaver. Kat is the face of The Junk Weavers Inc. in Ipswich and will facilitate the weekly colleges for members.

The Junk Weavers Inc. is a collective: a membership based organisation where we all work together, support each other and build a community that values crafts, recycling and craftivism[4].  I am so very grateful to every single member and the members only group is always the first page I check when I login to facebook.

Thank you, Bec, Claire, David and Kat. This weaving tour[5] would not have happened without you.

If you are going to keep talking garbage, why don't you join us too. We really are cleaning up everyone's act and keeping kitchen plastics out of landfill and ocean. Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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