Get Your Lazy Butt to the Garbage Bin

by Megan Bayliss | August 23, 2016 7:11 pm

Imagine this scene: out to breakfast on the Cairns Inlet at Mondos[1]. A beautiful winter's day and temperature with a sea breeze to blow our troubles away. The traffic is still asleep, the birds are happily chirping, the green hills across the inlet, Yarrabah way, call us to explore and love them. The smell is ocean. I breath deeply - happy and calm. The sun and warmth are just right and eating breakfast immediately beside the ocean is all I want to do. My darling FIFO husband is home and we are about to eat a gourmet breakfast in our favourite spot in Cairns. My heart is at total tropical peace.

Until I look down.

Cigarette Butts. Everywhere. Last week it was plastic straws. EVERYWHERE!

The plastic litter outside their restaurant and RIGHT ON OUR OCEAN sends a message that Mondo's does not care about plastic litter in our oceans.

Cigarette Butts contain plastic and never break down. They poison marine life and contribute toward ocean acidity. Plastic straws, well, that is very bad practice for any establishment but particularly for places that rely on ocean and eco tourism.

As much as I love Mondo's this was the straw that broke the camel's butt. I cannot go back unless it is with garbage bag and gloves...and I'm not sure that is the image they want outside their swanky establishment.

Come on Mondo's: Ban the Butt and replace the plastic straw.

Butt, this was not a one-off. Just last week, my girlfriends and I did a facebook live outside Mondo's. We were all shocked at the amount of plastic straws on the ground. It looked like staff had swept the path and swept all manner of single-use plastics onto the grass BESIDE the ocean.

I WILL keep talking garbage and I would LOVE to work with Mondo's in replacing single-use plastics from their restaurant and providing alternative collection of cigarette butts. Plus, I want to go back to Mondo's - it is GORGEOUS there.

Keep talking garbage, cherubs. Use YOUR voice to clean up the world. Mxxxxxxxx

Disclaimer: I am a reformed smoker. Apparently we are the worst kind of smoker-denigrator. However, being a smoker does not make you a litterer - so, smokers, get your lazy butt to the rubbish bin!

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