Fun Recycled

by Megan Bayliss | November 6, 2013 7:50 am

Fun at Water Park Townsville[1]Remember when you lived for fun? Remember when you bounced out of bed on a weekend to head out and play with the other kids in the neighbourhood. Remember when going to Grandma’s was fun because you used to make things out of junk?

Time to recycle that fun, people, and to make sure kids again experience such an old-fashioned and non electronic version of fun (read on for fun and free recycled craft sheets).

home-page-shark[2]Here are some easy recycled crafts to do with the children (or adults): “Recycled Craft How To Sheets[3]“. Do recycled craft Christmas gift making and use the opportunity to teach about environmental fitness and sustainability. If you are an environmental fitness leader[4] then you will stop waiting for opportunities to come to you and instead make the opportunity for sustainable education occur.

Traditionally children relied upon their families to teach them about the world. The removal of functions and value from the family[5] means that today we are growing up kids who don’t know or experience those old-fashioned skills that Grandma once taught: craft type things.

So, be a leader and help change the future. Step up into a teaching role – teach recycled craft at home today to YOUR children. Use the upcoming tradition of Christmas gift giving to make recycled craft gifts to give away to those you love.

Recycled craft is fun, cheap, creative and educational. Leaders do not make excuses so get into it today.

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