Domestic Terrorism/Personal Development

by Megan Bayliss | September 19, 2014 2:08 pm

So many social and global things bother and puzzle me: terrorism, injustice, control, poverty. We survive in an information age where the negativity and shocking brutality of the world assaults us each time we leave home or hear the news. I catch myself often marinating in fear and despair...and then I correct it.

brainy_people by lusi at sxcNo body or no thing can control what we think. If we are out there what we think in here, then why oh why would I concentrate on what the media wants us to think?

I am daily reminded to catch my thinking and to replace negative thoughts with positive ones of a positive future. The current climate of terrorism, hate, pay-back and be-headings are atrocious. It makes me want to weep...but so too does inertia, civil impotence and fear. I will not give in to them, because, I have a choice to believe in a better world. Perhaps terrorists are so radical because they really believe in a cause? I believe in a cause too - personal development and NOT terrorist development

Personal development demands us to make a choice - we can take the well-worn path or we can follow a proven track of overcoming seemingly insurmountable occurrences.

Instead of being herded into fear and hate (a metaphorical beheading), I herd myself into positive thinking. I concentrate on that which is my purpose, my goal and my aim in life: to educate others to self educate in motivation, personal development and growth.

I reach for books that instill me with goodness[1] and pop on a CD that reminds me there are good and caring people in the world.

While I am reading or listening to good stuff, bad stuff cannot rent space in my head.

I urge you to change the world into a better place by first changing your thinking; your concentrating; your cognitive marinade.

Personal Development is the opposite of Terrorist Development. Do not allow domestic terrorism to behead you - instead use your head to create a better world.

Here's two personal development webinars I hosted to help you replace negativity with positive thinking:  Find Your Purpose webinar  and Visualise your Dreams webinar

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  1. I reach for books that instill me with goodness:
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