DIY Recycled Craft Kit Store opening in June

by Megan Bayliss | May 18, 2012 11:31 am


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No more "I'm bored" from the kids. We are opening an e-commerce store in June so that you can buy and stock up on recycled activities without spending the time collecting and cleaning.

Nineteen different recycled crafts kits are on offer, ranging in price from $3.00 through to $10.00.

All packaging and contents are recycled. Your purchase saves junk from landfill and oceans. Best of all, which ever kit you buy, you can craft the packaging into something else as well.

Some DIY recycled craft kits are suitable for multiple recycled crafting sessions: such as, our flowers from water bottles pack has 5 pre cut flowers for kids to paint and decorate, and our woven heart bag kit has enough milk panels to make three heart-shaped bags (that keeps 6 plastic milk bottles out of landfill!).

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The multiple recycled craft session kits are perfect for birthday party activities and class rooms.....and for "I'm bored days."

We are committed to low craft miles. If we have a The Junk Wave chapter in your town, you can place your order on-line but pick up from and pay the chapter owner in your town. We simply ring your order through to the local chapter and ask them to get it ready for you.

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 If you would like to own a licensed chapter of The Junk Wave in your town, have a look at the recycled craft business opportunity information here[7]. We are committed to working together with our chapter owners and together making the world a nicer place.

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