Decorating the Festival Cairns float for the return of Miss Cairns 1964

by Megan Bayliss | June 26, 2011 9:25 am

[1]Calling all Cairns children and adults who want to become involved in the Cairns Festival[2] parade, 2011:

With community help, The Junk Wave will decorate the float that will parade former Miss Cairns 1964. Cairns Festival parade organiser has bestowed the honour to our not for profit program that works with students at risk to teach them about sustainability (recycling), business (social enterprise and triple bottom lines) and develop skills in hygiene (everything is cleaned) and craft.

On Sunday August 21st 2011, sitting amidst only post-consumer waste, the Queen of Sunniness, Miss Cairns 1964 Kay Hilder[3], will ride the wave of junk to treasure on a float that closely resembles her original throne….and all made by her loyal subjects, the “wearorsom” people of Cairns.

EVERY decoration on the float is to be made from post-consumer material rescued from entering Cairns landfill: Plastic bottles and upholstery scraps become flowers, green tinged food wrappers become woven palm leaves, toilet rolls and chopsticks become fences, orange juice cartons and chocolate wrappers make up the sun.

FREE community workshops are organised throughout July to transfer skills inĀ  how to cut, fold and re-purpose waste into treasured float decorations. If you want to contribute to the sustainable return of the queen and a sustainable festival atmosphere, then we want your participation.

Make things for the Queen’s float and collect them after the parade to decorate your own home, party or garden. You get to keep what you make. Nothing will re-enter landfill or our oceans.

For those who prefer the spot light, join us in a second walking float: Be what you want to be in Cairns. From all recyclable material, make yourself a costume and street decorations and strut your stuff down the cat walk of Cairns streets.

Free community workshop notices appear on The Junk Wave’s facebook page[4]. “Like” it and check in regularly for updates.

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