Decorate for the wet: Recycled plastic bag bunting

by Megan Bayliss | October 14, 2016 8:40 am

2012-03-16-07-54-43FAQ to The Junk Weavers Inc is: What do you do with all the leftover plastic bits from weaving? 

Being the good women we all are, we iron them! Of course we do. Nothing more satisfying than fusing off cuts of plastic kitchen packaging between those noxious plastic bags and then cutting them into shape to make bunting (flags on a long string), decorations or even panels to make shopping bags (yes, you can sew fused plastic bags).

Want to play? Recycled plastic bag bunting instructions here: 

Click for instructions on How to Make Plastic bag bunting[1]:
 economical, recycling at its best and a GREAT addition to outside decorating in the tropics. In Cairns (where I live) Christmas celebrations fall smack bang in the middle of our wet season (not that we've really had one for many years) so we miss lots of the outdoor decorations that southerners and many other countries get into.



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