Crowd funding update for international The Junk Wave chapters

by Megan Bayliss | May 3, 2012 9:13 am

We have privately raised $1035 in crowd funding with another $85.00 pledged from Raw Food for Life [1]through Pozible[2] (pictured). Pozible pledges remain open until the 27th of May so jump in and pledge away in return for time unlimited advertising on this site (for $85.00 pledges). You don't have to pay until we reach our target amount.

Alternatively, get your advertising up now. Contact me[3] for a tax invoice.

Our aim is to license chapters of The Junk Wave and operate all over the world: small work at home recycled craft businesses that in collaboration with each other have maximum effect on reducing rubbish in landfill and oceans.

We're really into empowering individuals to save the environment through mass action of individual home based effort. You know how some people really struggle with wanting to do something brilliant for the environment but don't really know what they can do to make a big difference. Well, I help them reuse household waste so it doesn't go to landfill or into our oceans. This gives them satisfaction and achievement because they've done something good that in collaboration with hundreds of other people across the globe produces a HUGE difference to a global problem.

These are the businesses that are so far helping me to help licensed work from home Junk Wave businesses to make a difference:

Cairns Hub[4]The Space[5]: Entrepreneurs can save the planet. Changing the world starts with you! If you have an idea (or are looking for an idea) that in some way improves someone’s life or moves society forward, then you have a story to tell… Contact us at theSPACE and we’ll help you find and share the music inside.  Our purpose is to support individuals achieve their full potential and to inspire and develop entrepreneurial ideas in our community, our country and the world. This is our time on the planet… together let’s create a world that we can be proud of… Celebrating the time of the Rockstar Entrepreneurs


Set in the gorgeous rainforest of Japponvale, Far North Queensland, Okka Wikka are cultural artists who lead in contemporary weaving, curricula development and teaching. A wholly sustainable business, Okka Wikka is a vehicle to carry ancestral memory, commercial and cultural wealth, using renewable natural fibres.


FNQ Apartments[7].

FNQ Apartments are expert Cairns-based providers of apartments and holiday accommodation in Port Douglas, Cairns, Trinity Beach and Palm Cove. If you have been searching for the best holiday apartment Palm Cove has to offer; a Trinity Beach or Cairns holiday apartment or just great holiday accommodation that offers the ideal balance of the right facilities and the perfect location, then FNQ is for you.


[8]Alan Webster Consultancies[9]

Alan Webster Consultancies are committed to helping service providers value add to their service mandates by offering a range of professional services including: Family Therapy; Parenting skills; Educational and in-service training; Professional Supervision; Project Work and research; Organizational process consultancy; Evaluation of programs; Clinical Case Consultancy.

[10]Bronwyn Clee & Associates[11]

Bronwyn and her team work with people who are seeking innovative opportunities for change! They help you unlock inspiration and motivation to translate your ideas into reality. Based in Darwin, NT, they help with personal and professional development wherever you are.

Mediation Works Well[12]

Mediation works. Use it for: property division for separation/divorce; parenting plans after separation; facilitating difficult meetings; communication coaching; coaching for tribunals; dealing with conflict; HR mediation; integrity.



KC Fortune Services[13]

Katrin Costa: BAS agent, bookeeper and administrator. Katrin delights in helping small businesses to manage their accounting and administration systems. When you work with Katrin you are assured professionalism, transparency, high ethics and business acumen. Committed to the environment and animal welfare, Katrin speaks truth.

[14]Recycle Build[15]

Have you got building materials to sell? List it on[16]. Recycled, second-hand, excess, left-over, damaged, superseded building materials on-line. We advertise Australia wide.


DACOM Services[17]Social Media Specialist[18][19]

DACOM Services offers a dedicated IT support service for small and medium businesses, covering all IT requirements, including Servers, PCs, laptops and peripherals. Our business support service is ideal for companies without a dedicated internal IT resource, ensuring that your systems are in safe-hands and leaving you to focus on managing the day-to-day business.

[20]Social Media Specialist[18]

Join Leanne Peard today for full training options through the social media school: through our online training or in class, social media mentoring and consulting. Other services include: Social media campaign management; Creating likes and fans; Blogs; WordPress creation; Video marketing; Business coaching.

Teddy Talk Tour[21][22]

Teddy Talk Tour provides adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse an anonymous voice by allowing them to tell their story. Break the silence: fill in a Teddy Tag[23] and email your story to us. A teddy is allocated to you and ANONYMOUSLY tells your story to break the silence.

2o advertising spots left at $85.00 for time unlimited advertising and links[24].

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