Christmas Bunting

by Megan Bayliss | November 9, 2013 9:29 am

santaglasses_215Christmas has hit the stores big time. Decorations need us, apparently. All that bright shiny single use plastic calls to people and begs to be taken home.

DON'T DO IT! Single use plastic is evil - the antithesis of Christmas. To find out just how evil plastic is, read this post: Megan Bayliss Talks a Little Gyre Garbage. [1]

Make your own Christmas decorations and bunting using recycled materials. Try this easy plastic milk bottle and plastic bag bunting:


You need

What you do

Decide on the Christmas words you want to use. I used Merry Christmas because it fitted nicely across the top of my door.

Paint a letter of each word onto the white waxy round from the milk bottle lid. I used acrylic paint and painted with a used chop stick and not a paint brush.

Hole punch the top of each round

Cut your plastic bag into rounds and loop through each hole


Make some plarn[2]. Crochet or plait the plarn to make a length from which to hang your Christmas greetings/words.

Loop each letter (in order so it spells a word) through the plarn rope.


Hang your recycled Christmas bunting.

Recycled tinsel and bunting is HOT baby.

Here's some more ideas for recycled Christmas decorations.

Christmas challange Reindeer

Reindeer from milk bottle plastic (made by Jess Grinter)

Angel 1

Instructions here: How to make an Angel from an aluminium drink can[3]

secret santa wrapping 2 Gift box from milk bottle

Use milk bottles as packaging. Paint them and stick a recycled bow on top. Instructions for the bows here: Multi loop gift bows from magazine pages[4]

Magazine craft recycled gift bows

Use colourful junk mail to wrap gifts. Finish with a junk mail bow too.

CD ornaments 023

Make a quilted CD decoration[5] (just folding and gluing - no sewing)

Have a merry recycled Christmas and give the environment a gift too.

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