Child protection and protective behaviour training in Cairns

by Megan Bayliss | April 24, 2012 5:00 am


5 simple strategies to protect all kids today.

Extend your knowledge,and understanding of child protection and learn a very simple model of protection from sexual predators: the BITSS model.

Book now for a 2 1/2 hour child protection training: The five BITSS to child protection.

When: Wed 9th May, 6 - 8.30pm

Where: Peace Kindy, corner of Cowley Rd, Kamerunga (beside Peace Lutheran College)

How much: $30.00 per person

Who for: Professional workers needing a yearly in-service; Parents and carers of children, especially early childhood educators.Not suitable for children to attend.

National training unit: The training is mapped to CHCCHILD401A – Identify and respond to children and young people at risk of harm found in the National Community Services training package. Participants get a Certificate of participation and can keep all handouts and exercises for RPL purposes with the RTO of their choice.

To book: Contact Megan Bayliss[2] and ask for a tax invoice for the child protection training...or pay now by paypal and Megan Bayliss will email you a tax receipt.

Something extra for you: Parent Sense

Turn the term, child protection, onto its head and you get: protection of children.

Most of us want to protect children and some of us have to know about it for our jobs (early childhood educators, counsellors, service club leaders, etc).

Community child protection and protective behaviours are part of my professional background as a social worker and trainer. I haven't always just protected the environment from junk and my work in community child protection led to me ensuring our kids have a safe and beautiful natural environment to grow up in.

Come along and learn about child protection in a safe and supported atmosphere where laughter is mandatory but where the issue is taken very seriously.

Can't come but want to learn more? Buy the BITSS model of Protective Behaviours in a non jargon, easy to read tutorial: Parent Sense. Pay just AUD$1.50 and get the link to download the tutorial immediately.


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