Bipartisan or By People Leadership

by Megan Bayliss | September 20, 2014 4:52 am

istock butterfly in hands smallImagine if we lived in a world where people really cared about each other: where people policies were more important than fiscal policies; where people made decisions based on justice for all.

Imagine if we had a third partisan table to eat at - a table laid with freedom and non-partisan politics. A table where a butterfly remains a beautiful creature and symbol of freedom no matter what your personal political beliefs.

To eat at this table, people would make educated choices to serve themselves helpings of  civics and history - we all need to have a standard of education that includes developing an analytically mind and a preparedness to always do the right thing by others: no stealing, no abuse, no back stabbing, no domestic violence, no blue or white-collar crime, no rape, no terrorism, NO WRONG to others.

There is such a table called self-education in leadership. No matter which bi-partisan persuasion you prefer, history and freedom remain history and freedom and we all need to know about these issues if we are to effect lasting change.

I use the LIFE Leadership study-at-home materials to self-educate. It is affordable and comes with in-built discussion groups (called association) so I can bounce and further tease out ideas that have grabbed me.

I'm not interested in going into public politics (such a bi-partisan concept) but I am interested in leading my tribe toward a better world where we don't need legislation to make sure people do the right thing: we do it because it is the right thing to do and because we care.

Who wants to join me in a leadership self-education[1]? Be the change, be the mover and shaker. A people led change can only come from the people. So pull up a chair to the third table and let's start chewing on leadership.

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