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by Megan Bayliss | January 2, 2011 12:02 pm

Megan Bayliss, founder of The Junk Weavers, talking garbage at TEDx Ipswich, 2016.

Megan Bayliss, founder of The Junk Weavers, talking garbage at TEDx Ipswich, 2016.

Megan Bayliss teaches and key-note speaks on sustainability, upcycling people and recycled single use plastic craft.

Megan specialises in teaching weaving of single use plastic into handbags and purses and she loves to speak on the topic of empowering and upcycling women with a micro single-use plastic weaving business that costs next to nothing to start.

This is what Megan Bayliss says about her work: “I work with women to save the environment through our collective effort. How? By helping them start a work from home recycled craft business to reuse household kitchen plastic so it doesn’t go to landfill or into our oceans. This gives our women partners satisfaction and achievement because they’ve done something good for people, planet and profit, and, in collaboration with other women across the globe, produces a HUGE difference to the global problem of waste management. More importantly, the women’s purpose changes – they become upcycled.”

Megan Bayliss works with women both in Australia and in PNG (in very poor villages and in Bomana Women’s Prison). When she takes your stage, she speaks from direct experience and illustrates her talks with passion, reality and fun. She takes along real product made by women prisoners at Bomana Women’s Prison for her audience to feel and connect with. Megan’s aim with professional speaking is to partner with her audience and empower them to change one little thing in their daily life to keep plastics out of ocean.

You may not want Megan Bayliss to speak at your function but to instead workshop or train your people how to weave single-use plastic. No problems – Megan’s rate is the same (for a half or full day). Megan’s weaving workshops are a great team building and educational experience: laughter is guaranteed.

Finally, just so you know Megan Bayliss can actually connect and hold an audience, Megan Bayliss has spoken at functions from five to 550 people; from Mother’s Groups to professional conferences; from Social Clubs to antisocial personality support groups; from PechaKucha to Board Room meetings; from TEDx to Teddy Bears Picnic. Megan trained under and continues to use Soness Stevens as a speaking Coach[1]. Soness is the (Japan based) English speaking voice of Hello Kitty, is a University Professor of Presentation Skills and is the head speaker coach of multiple TEDx events in Japan. Go ahead and contact Soness[2] if you require a referee check for Megan Bayliss. Or, check out The Junk Weavers Inc[3] facebook page and ask there if anyone has attended any of Megan’s talks or trainings. We are confident that the feedback will be overwhelmingly positive.

Contact Megan Bayliss now[4]: book her early for either key-note speaking or running a weaving workshop. She is very popular and often booked up months in advance.

[5]Thanks for being a Reef Guardian[6] and keeping valuable resources out of our seas.

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