Alien Skeleton from recycled milk bottles

Meet my Alien Skeleton: an excellent Halloween craft AND a very cool way to rid your rubbish bin of milk bottles.

You need:

  • 3, 1 litre plastic milk bottles (2 litre will work too, your alien will just be a different shape….like the rest of us)
  • Craft knife
  • Marking pen
  • Hot glue gun
  • String/ribbon for hanging

What you do:

1. Draw face details onto a milk bottle
2. Using a craft knife, cut some details out

3. Poke holes in bottom of milk bottle (top of skull) to thread string for hanging

4. Make four cuts in neck so that head can sit over the neck of the next milk bottle (the torso of the alien)

5. Cut off handles from the remaining two milk bottles. These become arm bones

6. Draw ribs and a stomach cavity onto one of the milk bottles. It is an alien so no need to be exact
7. Cut the detail out

8. Skull should sit nicely onto torso and you can begin to see your handsome new date

9. Cut the top third of the milk bottle off remaining bottle. To save this head from landfill, I inserted it into the stomach cavity of the torso. You will use the rest of the milk bottle to cut leg and feet bones

10. On the torso milk bottle, draw two crosses on either side to mark arm bone placement. Cut the crosses with your craft knife so that you are ready to insert and glue your arm bones
11. Insert the two arm bones (handles) into the little holes you made (glue them in place shortly)

12. Out of the rib and stomach cavity offcuts, fashion a few bones. The number and size are up to you – this is your alien skeleton and it can look how you decide

13. Cut the bottom off the left over milk bottle (the one without a head). Use the panel piece to fashion leg and feet bones
14. Fashion some hands from left over panel pieces

15. Get your glue gun out and stick like glue to your new man :) Position and glue the skull neck to torso neck

16. Glue the arms into the little holes you made in the side of the torso and then glue lower arm bones to hands. Do the same with legs and feet and your man is ready to Trick or Treat.



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