How to make Butterflies from plastic milk bottles

Here’s an easy recycled craft to keep the kids occupied: Milk Bottle Butterflies to hang or to stick to a wall/window.

You need:

* One 2 lt plastic milk bottle to cut up

It becomes (I can get 8 craft products from a single milk bottle)

• 1 plastic milk bottle bottom
• 1 wings cut from the top of the milk bottle

You also need:

  • Scissors
  • A glue gun
  • Variety of recycled embellishments to decorate your butterfly (along with sparkly things, use all the bits from the milk bottle too – lid, ring, plastic disc under lid, etc)

What to do:

  • Cut the bottom and the top off your plastic milk bottle. Leave a shallow side on the bottom so that it looks like a little square bowl.
  • Cut wings from the top side of the milk bottle.

  • Scissor snip the four corners of the square bowl and turn it inside out
  • Holding it like a diamond, with the natural groove running from top to bottom snip some antenna in the bottom corner
  • Keeping the wing piece whole (don’t cut anything off) place some cuts into your wings so that an interesting shape emerges
  • Hot glue gun the wings into the natural groove of the bottom piece. The flat edge of the wing piece is the bottom; glue as far down the body as possible
  • Decorate your butterfly with recycled embellishments – what ever you have. You can also paint them or colour them with permanent markers.
  • For a window butterfly, blutac the underneath and stick where you want.
  • For a hanging butterfly, attach a hanger to the underside and hang from the ceiling. The colourful plastic rings from around milk bottle tops make great hangers when joined together with split rings made from recycled wire.


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