How to make a bug out of plastic cutlery and plastic drink bottle lids

Love this bug. It’s made from recycled plastic cutlery and recycled plastic milk and drink bottle lids. It is very easy and takes a maximum half an hour.

You need:

  • Two plastic forks (I had white but you can use whatever colours you have)
  • Two plastic spoons (as above)
  • Two plastic lids: one larger than the other (I used a plastic milk bottle lid and a plastic water bottle lid)
  • Two discs ever so slightly smaller than both the bottle lids (I used the white foam inner found underside many milk bottle lids and the blue disk from the inner side of a coke bottle)
  • Another waxy white disk from under a plastic milk bottle lid
  • Some old stuffing (I told my husband the raggy old cushion would come in handy some day)
  • Two small squares of material in two different colours/patterns (I raided the rag bag)
  • Facial embellishments (I used aluminium pull tops from soft drink cans for the eyes, punched milk bottle circles for pupils and Champagne top wire for the mouth and antennae)
  • Ribbon or wool to hang the bug with
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hole punch
  • Tea light candle and match

How to make the recycled bug:

  • Glue a small amount of stuffing to the TOPS of the drink bottle lids
  • Cover the lids with the squares of material, hot glueing the excess to the underside roof of the lid
  • Cover the messy inner tops by hot gluing those disks over the mess
  • Glue the smaller head to the larger body (my head was half hanging over, half glued to the body)
  • Light the candle and open a window (melted plastic gives off toxic fumes). Slowly moving the plastic cutlery, one piece at a time over the flame, melt the spoon and fork heads from the handles. When you can stretch the plastic, remove from the flame and pull apart. Trim with scissors if necessary
  • Glue the spoon heads to the bugs body, behind the head
  • With your ribbon/wool, make a bow and hanging loop. Clue to the top of the wings (pictured)
  • Glue the fork heads to the underside of the body.
  • Cover the fork joins with the spare milk bottle disk. I used the one that I had also punched pupils out of (pictured)
  • Embellish the face however you want. I cut a champagne wire to fit as antenna and snapped the tabs off soft drink bottles for eyes. I finished with a champagne wire smile.

Just gorgeous. Now bugger off so I can make a few more to decorate this year’s Christmas presents with. Can you imagine these as Christmas decorations hanging on a tree?

Stay recycled this Christmas and give future generations the gift of seeing our beautiful planet.

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