Recycled and folded paper bags for quick party craft

Paper craft is quick and easy. Here’s one that needs no glue or paint: Recycled paper bags suitable for party favours or a mini gift for a special person (or, I fancy eating home made hot chips out of one).

Collect some junk mail, catalogues, or old magazines. Rip their pages out (recycling paper feels good).


1) Make your page into a square (Using the triangle method pictured, I fold the excess rather than cut – I fold it behind).

2) You have a triangle in your hand. Fold one bottom corner across the page (around about two thirds of the way up the triangle) so that it makes a straight edge below the peak. Repeat the process with the other corner. Look at the picture below so you get a clear vision of what to do.

3) Separate the peaks at the top. Fold each away from each other so that they lie against the opposite outsides of the little bag.

Voila: finished recycled paper bag to hold little treasures. You can further embellish the bag or put a handle on it. Here’s the flashed up version (beautiful edging, fluffy handle and sequins) from favecrafts: Repurposed Magazine Gift Bag.

Make a heap of these and insert them in each other before laying flat to store. Their own weight helps to strengthen the creases so that glue is not necessary.


Bag size changes dependent on the size of your magazine pages. Similarly, the pattern or colour combinations are dependent on the recycled paper you use.


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