Ideas on what to make from used aluminium cans

At The Junk Wave we LOVE to upcycle aluminum cans. We have made boxes and angels from aluminum cans.

This box was made by Atomic Shrimp

These adorned the Christmas gifts we gave.

We pick aluminium cans up off the street whenever we see them and have people collect them for us. We could easily recycle them for cash to NQ Recycling Agents but where is the fun in that!

This is the current aluminium can project:

(just a tip: fill the can with water and freeze them BEFORE trying to slit the sides!)

Aluminium cans make for a pretty smart art material, right? Yes they do.

Look what these dudes do with aluminium cans (I am in love with them): Tesscar Aluminum Craft. Best of all, they offer a free pattern sheet to make a shark from used aluminium cans. FANTASTIC – what a way to remind us to keep our junk out of our oceans.

Finally a word of recycling aluminium cans from my UK based recycling cyber colleague, Zero Waste:

Why bother recycling aluminium?

1- Less energy

Compared to mining and smelting, recycling aluminium drink cans is far less energy intensive. Recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy and produces only 5% of the CO2 emissions as compared with primary production.
A recycled aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours.

2- Less raw materials

Recycling aluminium reduces the need to mine bauxite, which, as we have seen, can have negative consequences for the surrounding areas and the people living there.

3- Less landfill

Keeping anything out of the landfill is a bonus! With an estimated nine years worth of landfill space in the UK, we all need to recycle more and keep things out of the landfill. If all of these cans were recycled there would be 14 million fewer dustbins emptied into the country’s landfill sites every year.

4- Cost effective

Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, as reprocessing does not damage its structure. Aluminium is also the most cost-effective material to recycle.

5- Easy to recycle

Aluminium cans are one of the easiest materials to recycle. New drinks cans appear on the shelf just six weeks after recycling!

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