How to reuse plastic bottle lids and caps

Plastic bottle caps are quickly eclipsing cigarette butts as the number one item found on the world’s beaches. That is dreadful!

Start collecting up those plastic caps wherever you see them and bring them to The Junk Wave if you don’t want to make them into treasures for yourself. Leave a comment/contact us if you want us to collect from you to upcycle.

Here’s a whole beach load of reuse and recycle activities for plastic bottle caps: How to reuse plastic bottle caps.

This is my favourite (albeit not plastic but bottle caps): Bottle Cap Christmas Trees. Can I have two favourites; of course I can because I recycle :) I’m using my coloured milk bottle tops to make this Christmas Tree Magnet.

I want your plastic bottle lids: milk, toothpaste, juice, water, shampoo, etc – save them for The Junk Wave. We clean them, package them and supply early childhood and artists with plastics for smart arts. Contact us in Cairns for pick up or drop to My Other Mum Training College, 212 McCormack St (opposite Traders Lane).

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