12 steps to an easy Christmas by crafting a new habit today

by Megan Bayliss | March 20, 2017 10:05 am

Save money. Stop Doing What Doesn't Work. #12monthsofchristmas Megan Bayliss The Junk Wave www.thejunkwave.com

Christmas time is expensive for those who celebrate it. But, for goodness sake, Christmas happens at the same time, EVERY year.

Every year I used to hear myself say, “Next year I’ll be more prepared. I’ll make a little something every month.

This is how I took 12 steps to changing Christmas stress:

I took up a recycled craft challenge called #12monthsofchristmas

Sick of being a whingeing victim I HAVE stopped doing what never worked for me and I instead craft a Christmas gift EVERY month from recycled materials. That’s 12 gifts I have ready prepared in my cupboard.

I don’t spend money at Christmas: I save money. I make use of what is around me. I recycle, upcycle and reuse.

I tell you, come Christmas time I feel like Santa on holidays: no stress, no panic, much fun and love.

Here’s my 2017 January and February’s recycled and upcycled Christmas gift contributions that cost me $ZERO:

recycled bowl made from paper. Megan Bayliss. The Junk Wave. www.thejunkwave.com

The trendy paper bowl is recycled from old magazines.

Plarn, recycled plastic bag, teddy. Megan Bayliss. The Junk Wave. www.thejunkwave.com

The teddy is crocheted plarn (plastic bag yarn[1]) AND stuffed with plastic bags.

Enter our 12 step program now. Save the mad last-minute rush at Christmas time and PREVENT unnecessary spending. Turn each month into your recycled craft accountability partner. Upcycle something to add to your Christmas gift box hiding up the top of the cupboard.

All I can say to you is, STOP doing what doesn’t work if Christmas is a time of stress and expense! Don’t repeat this years negative experiences again. Don’t have a rush, don’t have gift expense. Have fun, save money and encourage the Christmas spirit to last all year.

Get ready; go easy though, you’ve only got 12 months of the year to prepare and set up a new Christmas habit. It’s a 12 step program to give you a 12 step habit.

Make a recycled craft item every month of the year. START your new habit this month.

Save your money, sanity and time.

Join me, and other recycled crafters, committed to 12 steps to an easy Christmas. Take a picture of your monthly craft and post it to our facebook page[2] with #12monthsofchristmas






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  2. post it to our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thejunkwave
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